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One of the most integral tools and part of any cryptocurrency mining rig is cooling fans. If you are mining through GPUs, your power consumption is high, forcing your equipment to heat up quickly. Luckily, cooling fans for mining rigs are here to help your equipment stay cool no matter how long you mine.

But there are a lot of cooling fans in the market to choose from for cryptocurrency mining rigs. It can be challenging to choose one that can help you and one that can provide amazing ventilation. That’s why we have gathered some of the best cooling fans for mining rigs to choose from.

Cryptocurrency Mining and Ventilation

When you’re in the process of building your mining rig, removing unwanted and generating heat should be one of your top priorities. You need to know how you can manage all the excess heat that is generated from the mining equipment as efficiently and quickly as possible. This is very critical to the profitability and the operation of your mining rig. When looking at the produced heat, you need to check using the cubic feet per minute every time.

Tips on Choosing the Top Cooling Fans for Mining Rigs

Choosing the best cryptocurrency mining cooling fan will depend on the circumstances of the miner. Some miners will prefer a single fan, while other miners will prefer a couple of affordable fans. There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a cooling fan. But here are some of the tips on how to select the best cooling fan for your mining rig.

Energy Efficient

As mentioned above, mining equipment is energy-consuming, and having efficient hardware can help you conserve electricity. If you want to purchase a fan, you need one that will use less electricity. You don’t like most of your profits to go to your power consumption, so make sure to choose one that’s energy-efficient.

Cubic Feet/Minute

CFM or cubic feet/minute should be high enough for it to replace the room’s air at a rate of almost eight times per hour. The rule here is to make sure that you have at least one cubic feet permute for every square foot of room. Of course, the bigger the room, the higher the CFM needed.


There are a lot of cooling fans in the market, and they come in different budgets. Some fans are more expensive than others, but the affordable ones can also work the way a cooling fan should. Choose one that fits your budget to avoid going overboard.

Best Cooling Fans for Mining Rigs

SilverStone technology AP120i

If you are looking for a low energy-consuming fan but has effective air channeling, the SilverStone technology AP120i is the one for you. It comes with air channeling grills that help the fresh air go through the case of your PC. It comes with an attachment at the back, which forces the airflow in a conical shape, which creates a movement to cool your mining rigs.

It has a speed that ranges from 0 to 2000 RPM, which makes it a perfect choice for your rig’s cooling needs. It also has a double ball bearing to make sure that it can handle any increased speed that you need. This cooling fan is very durable enough to last for an extended period.

Corsair AF120 LED

Corsair AF120 LED has a unique cooling speed by combining strong static pressure and bright LED lighting to ensure that it will deliver a significant effect. It has an appealing aesthetic, while the opaque blade helps diffuse light, thus causing a beautiful LED illumination. It produces low noise at 21 dBA, with an airflow of 52 CGM and a peak of up to 1400 RPMUp.

The Corsair AF120 LED can be placed at the bottom or side panels perfectly.

Noctua NF-P12 Redux-900

The Noctua NF-P12 Redux-900 is perfect for high operation, including cryptocurrency mining. It has an industry-grade bearing SSO and has a total of 150,000 hours MTTF rating while having a six-year warranty. It features a 900rpm 3-pin that is perfect for an ultra-low noise application or for users that highly noise sensitive.

Upon purchase, there are optional accessories, including extension cables, 3:4 pin adaptors, y-cables, low-noise adapters, and anti-vibration mounts.

Rosewill 120mm Case Fan 4-pack

Rosewill 120mm Case Fan 4-pack has an excellent performance with outstanding quality at an affordable price. It features a long-life sleeve bearing, which is perfect for performance or mainstream system crypto mining. The fan is at 120mm, and it features a seven-blade fan with a maximum of 1200 RPM.

The cooling fan delivers a subtle yet robust cooling effect, while the long-life sleeve improves the durability, thus making it last for a long period of time. The fan features a 2-pin connected and saw ell as an LP4 connector to help fit in different settings.

Noctua NF-F12 IPPC-2000 PWM

Noctua NF-F12 IPPC-2000 PWM is known for its amazing performance. It is reliable for mining because of its industrial and heavy-duty applications. It comes with an aerodynamic efficiency that provides a three-phase motor. It is also dust proof because of the fiberglass construction that it has.

The Noctua NF-F12 IPPC-2000 PWM features a powerful pressure capacity and airflow, which ensures to keep the noise levels and as well as power consumption moderately low. The noise can only reach a maximum of 54 dB and has 150 hours of MTTF. It comes with a six-year warranty like the Rosewill.

Noctua NF-P14s Redux-1200 PWM

Noctua NF-P14s Redux-1200 PWM is equipped with a low noise level of 19.6 dB with a maximum speed of 1200 RPM. It has an automatic speed control to help balance the low noise operation and high cooling capacity.

The Noctua NF-P14s Redux-1200 PWM comes with a standard square frame of 140mm mounting holes. It is perfect for water cooling radiators to ensure excellent pressure performance and full coverage.


Cooling is essential when it comes to cryptocurrency mining. It will ensure that your GPU will perform well, thus providing a great profit from your mining. Follow the tips above on how to choose the best cooling fans for mining rigs.