One of the key components when it comes to forming images in any electronic device is the Graphics Processing Unit of the GPU.

This time of an item is usually bulky and heavy, which over time, may sag and put pressure on your motherboard. Once the motherboard gets damaged, it can cost you money to get it fixed. Fortunately, a GPU brace is available that can help prevent this from happening; this can effectively hold the GPU in its place, thus saving yourself from spending on repairs. 
GPU is an essential part of every graphic card especially when it comes to computer gaming devices. Purchasing a reliable GPU brace will help you protect the motherboard from any costly damages, while also ensuring that you can play any high-quality games without stress. If you want to help your GPU and motherboard to last, a GPU brace is very important. 

Here are some of the top GPU Braces that you should consider getting:

CloverTale Graphics Card GPU Brace

CloverTale graphics card GPU brace has a lifetime warranty and consists of braces and three screws, which will ensure that the GPU will avoid pressurizing and sagging the motherboard. The brace is made out of high-quality 6061-grade CNC milled aluminum which is designed for a wide range of motherboards and graphics cards. The brace comes in Black, Blue, and Red. 

Prevents sagging and stress on the motherboard:

The red metal brushed aluminum brace will complete your custom PC build and secure your beefy graphics card, without inhibiting airflow, achieved by supporting the GPU from the computer case itself. Now only taking up one slot, it can be mounted in between two Graphics cards with the standard one slot gap. As graphics cards continue to get bigger and heavier, our Brace graphics card support will prevent your video card from sagging and causing motherboard or video card damage.


Size: 11 * 2.5 * 0.5 Inches, Full kit includes set of 3 screws and brace


Compatible with almost all motherboards and cases.
When designing the brace, we knew it had to be beautiful, but also universal.

UpHere Graphics Card GPU Brace

The UpHere graphics card GPU brace measures 10.5 x 2.5 x 0.5 inches, while the kit includes a brace and 4 screws. It can protect the motherboard from the graphic card sagging and from pressurizing the graphics card. This brace can support a wide variety of graphics cards, while maintaining a low profile for both dual and single setups.

Atlas Graphics Card Brace

Atlas Brace for GPU
Atlas Graphics Card Brace has a lifetime warranty. It has a glossy black color which can add a vibe to the overall look of your GPU. The brace has an intricate design that will let the passage of airflow without any disruptions to the rigid structure. It is compatible with a wide range of motherboards and can support weights as well. 

Beautiful and Universal

Compatible with almost all motherboards and cases!

As long as:

1. Your computer has one available expansion slot underneath your graphics card.

2. Your case can accommodate a 10-inch GPU.

3. Your card protrudes away from the motherboard beyond the GPU mounting screws (most do)

Then the Atlas brace is compatible! The brace is designed to work with dual (if you buy two) and single graphics card setups.

NOTICE: The Atlas Brace is NOT compatible with the Corsair 100R

  • Comes with black mounting screws and washers
  • Detailed color instructions are included with every brace to help you with the installation
  • Adjustable for different video card weights and sizes


Playing video games using graphics cards is always a good way to de-stress or for some, a good hobby. But sometimes, we tend to forget how we can avoid damaging the components, including the motherboard from a sagging GPU. But with the top graphic brace above, damages will surely be prevented from the very beginning. 

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